giant prints

This section includes, for ease of reference, all the giant six-sheet (180 x 180 cm) prints, four-sheet (180 x 120 cm) and three-sheet (90 x 180 cm, or 180 x 90 cm) prints from the rest of the website. It also includes large two-sheet (120 x 90 cm, or 90 x 120 cm) prints.

Printing large multi-panel prints such as these is an exciting challenge. The design must be transferred to several large woodblocks, then cut, and printed step by step. The advantage of printing by panels is that the process can be controlled by one person. If I were to ink up a huge block and lay a vast piece of paper over it, I would need a team of helpers. You can see the process of printing 'Metal Pagoda', a large jigsaw print, on this website.

Metal Pagoda